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Colonial Times in America
The 13 American Colonies Part 2: Characteristics of the Colonies
13 Originals
Colonial America (1492-1763)
The New England Colonies []
A Brief History of the Colony of New Hampshire, 1622-1741 (+ links to the other colonies)
The Middle Colonies []
The Southern Colonies []
Original Inhabitants of the 13 Colonies
Maps of Early America from 1562 to 1812
The 13 Colonies of America: Clickable Map
Hargrett Rare Library Map Collection - Colonial America
Outline Maps: Historical
EarlyAmericaMap English Colonies before 1763
Farming in the 13 American Colonies
Growth, Becoming American: The British Atlantic Colonies, 1690-1763, Primary Resources in U.S. History and Literature, Toolbox Library, National Humanities Center
Triangular Trade
Triangle Trade Routes/Map
Slavery in the Colonies
colonialism, Western (politics) :: Mercantilism -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Estimated Population of American Colonies, 1630-1780
Population of the Thirteen Original Colonies (13 Colonies)
The Navigation Acts: 1650-1696
Navigation Acts
Plantation System
LIBERTY! . Perspectives . Daily Life in the Colonies | PBS
A Colonial Family and Community
COLONIAL CURRENCY (Table of Contents)
Colonial America (1492-1763)
MPT: Exploring Maryland's Roots
The 13 Colonies — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
Early American Images
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