Malfunction Pamphlet Project

MedlinePlus: Health Topics A to Z health topics. Includes illustrations.
Mayo Clinic medical information and tools for healthy living - A to Z health topics
National Library of Medicine - Health Information Includes searchable medical encyclopedias, medical dictionaries and general health topics.
Healthfinder Click on diseases and conditions for health information
NOAH Health Information   New York Online Access to Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this site helps to answer questions on health issues and recommend ways to make their bodies and minds healthier, stronger and safer.
A to Z Health Topics Health and disease information from Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center College of Medicine
Human Gross Anatomy | Human Anatomy Biology | Human Anatomy Photos This program contains more than 100 illustrations of the human body with animations and thousands of descriptive links.
Teens Health TeensHealth has trainloads of accurate, up-to-date information about growth, food & fitness, infections, disease, lab tests, medical and surgical conditions, and the latest treatments.
Guided Tour: Visible Human The Visible Human Project consists of some 9,000 digitized sections of the body. The animations and images in this tour demonstrate the planes of section and how the 2-D images provide a unique means of studying the 3-D anatomy of the human body. Click on "Interactive Annotations" for a good starting point.
You can also search Google for sites sponsered by government and national organizations for your particular disease or disorder (American Cancer Society). Limit to .org or .gov.
How to search: heart attack site:org
heart attack site:gov

Once you have completed your research use this link to learn to create a trifold brochure using Microsoft Word.
1. Click Start
2. Click Programs
3. Click Microsoft Office
4. Click Microsoft Word
5. Click File
6. Click New
7. In the right-hand column under Templates click On my Computer
8. Click the Publication tab
9. Click Brochure
How to create citations: OSLIS MLA Citation Maker