British History: Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution (clickable links to more content)
BBC - History - British History in depth: All Change in the Victorian Age
Working conditions during the Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution
The Workhouse -
industrial revolution
Women Workers in the British Industrial Revolution | Economic History Services
BBC - History - British History in depth: Agricultural Revolution in England 1500 - 1850
BBC - History: Victorians
Industrialisation in and around Bradford
Public Health in and around Bradford. This sites timeline of Public Health measures during the Industrial Revolution. The timeline draws heavily on local examples alongside national events.
Occupations in Eighteenth Century Bradford. A very detailed look at the way in which occupations in Bradford changed over the course of the eighteenth century.
Textiles and Society, 1880-1920. Detailed article about Textiles and Politics in Bradford.
A sense of Death! Smallpox was a reccuring killer in Bradford. This article looks at cases in the 19th century.
The life and times of Frederick Delius. Although this site tracks the life and times of one man, it provides a lot of information about Bradford at the time and the way in which Industry was developing.
West Yorkshire and the Slave Trade - research document created as part of planning for the teaching of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
An awowedly repugnant trade. The BBC's write up about the Slave Trade and West Yorkshire.
Bradford Timeline. Entry for the eighteenth century.
Bradford Timeline. Entry for 1800-1849.
Bradford Timeline. Entry for 1850-1899.
The Leeds - Liverpool Canal. Timeline of the development of the canal, incorporating details of the Bradford Canal