Mrs. Shadle's Decades

ABC-CLIO American History

Great place to start for in-depth info on people and events. You can even browse by time period. After you search, use FILTER to choose what type of resources you want. Has great photo/illustrations!

Student Resources

Our best database. Has carefully selected articles, magazines, scholarly journals, newspapers, and more. Use this database!!

Decade websites

Decade-by-decade list of websites by another school librarian. Use for ideas and background information. Confirm a site is OK with Mrs. Shadle before using as a source (some are encyclopedias, etc)

Ad Access

Collection of ads from throughout American history. Will be helpful inspiration for the cover of your project.

Britannica High School

Get quick facts and in-depth information on a wide variety of subjects. Start research projects with multiple resources in one place. Find multimedia to use in projects and presentations.