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Britannica High School

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The Gale Virtual Reference Library has a reference ebook set on World War II.

World War II Reference Library

Use the "Search within this publication" search box OR use the index to find your topic.

The websites linked below have been pre-approved for your research. *If you choose to find your own websites other than those linked up here, you will need to evaluate each site using the Website Evaluation form linked at the bottom of this project page. Wikipedia cannot be cited as a source, but some of the references / external links found at the end of their articles may take you to a good source.

Holocaust Encyclopedia

Enter keywords in the search box to look for information on your topic. Published by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Holocaust Encyclopedia articles

Use either the "Holocaust" or "After the Holocaust" series of articles from the online encyclopedia to browse articles such as: "Intro to the Holocaust," "The Final Solution," "Ghettos," "Nazi Camps," "Forced Labor," "Gassing Operations," and more.

Survivor Reflections and Testimonies

Explore the pages included here to learn more about individuals and their experiences during the Holocaust. Part of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Explore World War II (National World War II Museaum)

Use the search box or browse the topics listed to find information on this site published by the National World War II Museum.


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