Biography Research

The following resources are good for researching biographies.


Ancient/Medieval Era

Ranging from the dawn of prehistory, through the great ancient empires, to the beginning of the Renaissance, this unique online resource explores history in every corner of the globe.

Britannica School

General reference resource for multiple age groups.

The Modern Era

Covers a broad range of topics including the evolution of modern Europe; concurrent developments in Asia, Africa, and the Islamic world; the global impact of the Industrial Revolution; and the last 100 years of conflicts and international cooperation.

World Book Advanced

High school reference tool that includes encyclopedia, multimedia, e-book, and primary source databases, fully integrated in a single search.


InfoPlease: Biography

Biographies of Presidents, Athletes, Justices, Entertainers, World Leaders, and more people.

Scientific Biography

Eric Weisstein's World of Biography

Top Documentary Films

Browse, watch and discuss documentaries filed under Biography

Sweet Search - Biographies

SweetSearch Biographies offers profiles and outstanding search results for thousands of famous-or infamous-people from many walks of life, professions and countries, spanning many centuries.