Luxon: Human Rights

Use the following resources for the Human Rights research project.

The works cited page will be done in CHICAGO style. This style is used in college History & Political Science classes.

Essays will use Parenthetical documentation.

Format: (Author Last Name Year).

If there is more than 1 (one) work by an author OR there are multiple authors with the same last name then use the following format:

(Author Last Name,Portion of Title Year).

See Mr. Ptak if you have any questions.

The following databases are good for information on countries and history.

Modern Genocide

Presents the historical, social, religious, political, and economic factors that have resulted in genocide. It also examines the denial movements related to particular genocides, the role of propaganda in persuading the public to participate in genocide, and other mass killings and massacres not considered genocide by UN standards.

The Modern Era

Covers a broad range of topics including the evolution of modern Europe; concurrent developments in Asia, Africa, and the Islamic world; the global impact of the Industrial Revolution; and the last 100 years of conflicts and international cooperation.

Gale PowerSearch

Search newspapers, business journals and health journals.

Web Sites
Good web sites on Human Rights issues

Human & Constitutional Rights

No longer being updated, a good archive of information.

Human Rights Web

An old, but good, introduction to human rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Official text of the declaration. Cite as a government document

Works Cited
Resources for citing materials used

Noodle Tools

An online research tool to track your sources, take notes, create outlines, collaborate with classmates, and format and print your bibliography.