Web Evaluation - Knell

Directions: You will be given two websites to evaluate on the same topic. 

  1. Using a Web Evaluation Form, evaluate each of the sites. Decide if you would use one or both of these sites in a research paper.
  2. Find and evaluate a third website that you would include in a research paper.
  3. Be prepared to defend your decision.

Global Warming
Site 1: Marshall, Andrew G. "Global Warming: a Convenient Lie." GlobalReasearch.Ca. 15 Mar. 2007. 8 Oct. 2007
Site 2: Kenny, Andrew. "The Ice Age Cometh." The Myth of Global Warming. 14 July 2002. 6 Oct. 2007

Site 1: "Abortion." 2010. New York Times. 2 Oct 2007.
Site 2: "Access to Abortion." NARAL Pro-Choice America. 2007. NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation. 3 Oct. 2007
Gay Adoption
Site 1: "Homosexual Adoption Statistics Section." Maxx Family Life. 6 Apr 2007.
Site 2: Gandossy, Taylor. "Gay Adoption: a New Take on the American Family."Atlanta: CNN, 2007. 8 Oct. 2007
Homework is Beneficial
Site 1:
  "How Much is Too Much Homework?" 19 Jul 2007. Is Homework Beneficial, Should Homework Be Banned? 8 Oct 2007.
Site 2: Benefits Of More Homework Vary Across Nations, Grades." 2 Mar 2007. Science Daily.  8 Oct. 2007
Homosexuality: Nature vs. Nurture
Site 1: Safro, Sonya. “Nature versus Nurture: Homosexuality’s Link to Biology and Society.”   Serendip. Spring 2005. Third Web Papers. 10 October 2007. 

Site 2: Johnson, Ryan D. “Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture.” AllPysch Journal.  30 April 2003  Allpysch Online, The Virtual Psychology Classroom. 8 October 2007.
Human Cloning
Site 1: Cote, Robin R. “Human Cloning” 2004 The Book of Timeless Truths and
Site 2: McGee, Glenn, “Primer on Ethics and Human Cloning.” February, 2001. American Institute of Biological Sciences
Illegal Immigration
Site 1: Elbel, Fred. "Economic Costs of Legal and Illegal Immigration." CAIR 9 Oct. 2007
Site 2: "Impacts of Illegal Immigration: Economic Costs."  The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration 9 Oct. 2007

Legalizing Drugs
Site 1: "Twelve Reasons Why Drugs Should Be Legalized." 8 Oct. 2007  
Site 2: Ostrowski, James. "Thinking About Drug Legalization." Cato.Org. 25 May 1989. 8 Oct. 2007

Patriot Act
Site 1: Stravelli, Gloria. "Panel Discusses Pros and Cons of Patriot Act." Atlanticville. 8 Oct. 2007   

Site 2: "USA Patriot Act." 8 Oct. 2007