Current Events - Mrs Rivera

Mrs. Rivera will be asking you to find articles on Spanish current events and culture throughout the year. The purpose of this page is to guide you to resources that will be helpful.


Web Sites

Google News

Google News is NOT the same as Google! Google News searches news web sites only. Try searching for a word such as hispanic or latino orspain.

South America Daily

News from South American countries.

Think Spain

ThinkSpain was created to provide English-speaking people with updated news, features and information relating to Spain.

World News

A news portal that highlights news from each region of the world. For a specific region, click on Regional on the left sidebar. Look for Europe, S. America, and C. America.

Spain Post

A news site for all things related to Spain.

CNN World

International news.

Website Citation Example: Russell, Rachel. “La Tomatina Festival: What Is La Tomatina? Why Do Spanish Throw Tomatoes at Each Other?”,, 28 Aug. 2018, This is how the parts of the website citation break down: Author's Last Name, First Name. "Title of Article." Website Name, Publication Date, web address.

Online Resources

Noodle Bib

Online bibliography and research tool.