Climate Change

Use these databases and websites to search for information on climate change.
Remember that if you need specific topics within climate change, it is a good idea to search like this,
Example: "Climate Change" and "ocean life"
(The 'and' means you will only find sources that include both "Climate Change" and "Ocean Life" in them. )


Britannica School

*The circles on the left side bar that appear after you conduct a search provide you with the ability to filter results by a specific type of source in Britannica. Be sure to have a look at Images for charts/statistics and at the Video options as well.

Opposing Viewpoints

*In this database, the light grey bar that appears after you conduct a search will allow you to filter results by specific types of sources. While you can find all sorts of ideas in the Viewpoints (opinions) section of this database, the Reference section will provide you with factual information and Statistics will provide you with charts. This database includes videos as well.

Explora Secondary

Explora is our newest database. It is general database, and the left sidebar that appears after you conduct a search allows you to apply filters to adjust types of sources in your results as well as dates of sources. This database also includes videos.