Embrace the boredom!

*Hope this subject guide brings you some happiness and adventure!

Keep up the Puzzlin'
We may not be together, but we can still do jigsaws to keep our brains busy but focused!

Jigsaw Planet

Choose from already created puzzles or create your own!


"Solve, create, share and talk about jigsaw puzzles"

Read, Listen, or Watch Online
NOT JUST FOR YOU - Both of these sites allow you to choose books and audio books to share with the little people in your lives, too!

SORA Access Directions

*Your school id is your lunch number. If your lunch number only has 4 digits, you'll need to add a zero at the beginning of it to make it 5 digits (e.g. id# 4444 id = SORA# 04444) *If SORA will not allow you access, email Mrs. Freeman (sfreeman) for help.
*Once books are downloaded, you no longer use data.*

SORA Website Link

*The website and app are linked, so it doesn't matter where you log in or from where you select books. You'll find them in either place.
*Once you find a book or audio book, just cozy up on the couch or pop in the buds or pods and go for a walk/run and be ready to escape this crazy world for a while!

Audible Stories

*Another option for audio books

Watch some TED Talks for students

*Recommended by students for students.

"Visit" a new place

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, e-Learning, and Online Collections

This link has options to link to portals housing all sorts of collections and to "tours" of several museums including but not limited to: The Louvre, The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, and The National Museum of Natural History.

Go ahead, get your culture on!

Explore the 7 Wonders of the World

*This is an interactive site that allows you to view, zoom, and click on the page to learn more about an image.
****REMEMBER to NEVER BUY something or give personal information to a non-secure site!****

Get in a good ZONE!


"Find your Calm: Sleep more, Stress less, Live better"

Guided Meditations for teens

Challenge yourself to take a break to breath and be for a few moments. Do it regularly during this mandatory "down time" and see if it does something positive for you.

The Dodo: For Animal People

*If animals are your thing, enjoy perusing these videos that are sure to put you in a good state of mind.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Animal Cams

This first page links directly to the "Jelly" cam, but there are a variety of others on a left side bar, including but not limited to: Otter Cam, Penguin Cam, and Open Sea Cam.