Organization Tips
*Before beginning your research, create a folder titled "Environmentalist Project" to house in your "Environmental" or "Mrs. Young's Class" folder. If you don't yet have an "Environmental" or "Mrs. Young's Class" Folder, create that first.

*You will need this folder to hold all of the sources/citations you save.

*NOTE: Even if you print your research, you should still send it to your drive for safe keeping and for access to citations when creating your "Works Cited" page.

Online Encyclopedia and Databases

Britannica High School

*Britannica does not link to Google Drive effectively. You'll just need to cut and paste your information and citation (see the box with a check mark in it at the upper right) into a Google Doc in your "Environmentalist Project" Folder.


Gale Ebooks

*You can save these resources and citations in the same way you save them when using Student Resources in Context.


National Wildlife Federation

*You will need to copy and paste these articles and citations into a Google Doc in your "Environmentalist Project" folder.

*You can use ZoteroBib to generate your citation.

Citation Creation Resources


CITATION GENERATOR - It makes your citations for you. *NOTE: ONLY use this for WEBSITES. The DATABASES on FISH FOR INFO provide citations for you. *If you are using a website, simply copy your URL into the bar and a citation will be created. *Scrolling down will allow you to see other citations you've created and to change the format if necessary. *You will need to copy and paste this citation into a document and title it as such for later use. You may want to simply paste it at the end of the document you created to hold you information from the website.

Sample Works Cited Page: MLA8 - Owl at Purdue

This is an example of the final page of your paper, which houses all the sources used. NOTE: *Works Cited - Centered at top *Citations are listed alphabetically *Double spacing throughout *"Hanging Indents" are used - 1st line of each citaiton is flush left. All following lines are indented. Having difficulty indenting?: At the beginning of the line you need to indent, press: Shift/Enter simultaneously and then continue with a tab.