Modern Language Association (MLA 8)

Citations and Formatting

Tutorials and Tips

MLA 8 General Format Tutorial

*Great tutorial to walk you through MLA 8 paper set-up in Google Docs from: "It's not Letting Me."

Personal Interview Citation Creation

Scroll down to "Personal Interview" for formatting.

Citation Generator

MLA 8 Citation Creation for a Website using ZoteroBib and Credibility Check Tutorial

*** Be sure to spell anything you add correctly! You may have noticed that when I add in information, I spelled the author's name incorrectly! BRANDT is correct!


*Citation Generator
*NOTE: ONLY use this for WEBSITES and print resources. The DATABASES on FISH FOR INFO provide citations for you.
*If you are using a website simply copy your URL into the bar and a citation will be created.
If you are using a book, you'll need to type in the ISBN# (usually found on the back of the book or above/below the bar code). This ensures you have the right version of the book.
Remember that although this is a good tool, it is not perfect. You need to add any information you have that may be missing and/or adjust format at times.


Owl at Purdue - MLA 8

One stop shop for: General format, Works Cited Page format/sample, Citation Format (on WC page and in-text)...

Avon HS MLA 8 format packet (2018)

Use this to help with the general process and to cross check your citations and format.