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Search our print resources for your important person. The biographies are numbered 921. They are located in the very last section of non-fiction books. (They are a little out of order!)

Genesee Valley BOCES School Library System

*Allows you to find books that Mrs. Freeman and Mrs. Mattison can request from other districts and beyond! You need to write down: your name, the name of the book, and the name of the author and give it to one of us. We'll let you know if your request was accepted and whent the book arrives.
This takes time! Do this as soon as possible so you will have time to receive it and use it effectively.


Britannica High School

*You can copy and paste the information and citation to a Google Doc.

Student Resources

Reference and Biographies
*You can send sources to the Google Drive directly from this database.
*You will need to retrieve any saved/sent sources from the automatically created Student Resources in Context folder and organize them as needed.

Gale Ebooks

Encyclopedia of World Biography
*You may save as you would using Student Resources in Context."

Gale Databases

You may select "all cross searchable databases" or select specific databases to cross search (e.g. Religion and Philosophy and World History)
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