Current Events of and Cultural Significance to the French, Spanish... speaking worlds

*When searching remember to use quotation marks, as well as the words "and, or, and not" to refine your searches.
*Remember that Gale Databases provide the correct MLA 8 citation at the end of each source.
*Finally, remember you can TRANSLATE your articles to French to help you. Be sure to save one in Spanish or French (depending on your class) and one in English. Remember, though to use your own words/grammar when writing you paper!

Gale Databases

*Remember, you can select one, some or all of these databases to search!

Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation Rubric

This rubric will help you to evaluate websites. Pay close attention to the idea of the publisher being "visible and searchable." This digging is often where you will find key information to guide your evaluation.

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