Stars and Planets

Print Resources

Resource List from Library Catalog

*Look for books by call number along the outer walls of the library.

Digital Resources

Windows to the Universe

Under the Solar System tab, you'll find Planets.
*For stars, use the Space tab along with the bar below and/or the left hand bar to help you search.

Heavens Above

Includes: Interactive Sky Chart and Constellation selection with specific location information

Star Date

*The page this is set to is under the stargazing tab on the site. It allows you to click on constellations to learn about them.

Great images from Hubble or artist depictions.

*Watch out for "Ads" in search results... Scroll down and be selective!

NASA for Students 9-12

Search by your planet in the search box.
Type in Stars in the search box and/or your particular star

National Geographic

*Use the magnifying glass to search.
*For stars, try searching for a specific star if you are studying one (i.e. Polaris or Sirius). You may find some interesting articles.

NASA: Solar System Exploration

Planets/Solar System:The top right of the homepage has good links.

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