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Chosen by Mrs. Harvey


Britannica High School

Gives you a good general biography of the photographers and often provides links to"Images and Videos" and "Webs Best Sites."
*Search Assist helps
*Model: Lewis Hine - Images/ Web's Best Sites
*Must copy and paste to a Google Doc and can highlight and take notes on that.

Student Resources

*Gives you a good deal of information which you can narrow down by using subjects, source types, and advanced searching. *Remember the power of:
*Quotation Marks, Search Assist, drop down boxes to the right and left when advanced searching (and, not, or, subject, keyword, basic...)
*Model: Dorothea Lange
*"Dorothea Lange" and "Photographer" or "portraiture" and "Dorothea Lange"
*You can "Send to Google Drive" to save and/or highlight and takes notes prior to sending to the Google Drive.

Gale Databases

*Power Search
*Allows you to search all the databases listed or those related specifically to your needs.

*Model: "Dorothea Lange" and "Japanese American Internment" (Remember search assist helps!)

Additional Resources

Google Drive Integration Tips

*Just to refresh your memory if you forget


This provides a good review of what it is and how to avoid it!

*Any Gale Database will allow you to "Send to Google Drive." You can send just your document, a document with highlights and notes, or a compilation of all the highlights and notes you took while using the database articles.