World Book Advanced
ABC-CLIO Databases: Authoritative historical context, expert perspectives, and carefully selected primary and secondary sources on the most enduring, significant, and timely issues
ABC-CLIO Databases
Academic OneFile: Includes full-text and abstracts of scholarly, trade, and general-interest periodicals covering current events, general sciences and technology, social sciences, arts, and humanities.
Academic OneFile
Amazing Animals: Amazing Animals of the World is like a virtual trip to the zoo with engaging and interactive information on over 1,200 animals. This resource is perfect for the younger students in grades 1 to 4.
Amazing Animals
America the Beautiful: A unique fact-filled, interest-driven research tool for learning more on the United States, noted Americans and U.S. history. America the Beautiful is an excellent resource for students in grade 4 and above.
America the Beautiful
American Government: Connects contemporary issues with the foundations of government and compares the political and economic systems of the United States with those of other countries.
American Government
American History: A bibliographic resource that provides a robust source of information focusing on the history and life of the United States and Canada
American History
American Indian Experience: Provides in-depth historical accounts and cultural information about the indigenous peoples of North America
American Indian Experience
Ancient Civs Egypt: Examining major aspects of each ancient culture, such as its government, its economy, and its religious practices.
Ancient Civs Egypt
Ancient Civs Greece: Examining major aspects of each ancient culture, such as its government, its economy, and its religious practices.
Ancient Civs Greece
Ancient Civs Rome: Examining major aspects of each ancient culture, such as its government, its economy, and its religious practices.
Ancient Civs Rome
AP Images Collection: This database captures the greatest events in history and brings them to life with photographs, audio sound bites, graphics and text.
AP Images Collection
Art Image Gallery: Drawing on collections of distinguished museums from around the world, this database offers unparalleled access to high-quality art images and related multimedia.
Art Image Gallery
Bloom's Literary Reference Online: Essays examining the lives and works of great writers throughout history and the world, and critical articles published by noted scholars.
Bloom's Literary Reference Online
Business Insights: Easily find information on companies, industries and more in the context of timely news, statistical data, and in-depth reports.
Business Insights
Click to acces Core Concepts: Biology
Core Concepts: Biology
Click to acces Core Concepts: Chemistry
Core Concepts: Chemistry
CyberSmarts: A unique collection of five Interactive eBooks, gives students grades 3-6 hands-on experience in navigating the online world in a safe, controlled environment.
Daily Life through History: Discover details about past eras that make historical accounts relevant and meaningful from their modern-day perspectives.
Daily Life through History
Enciclopedia Estudiantil: Beginner’s Spanish language general reference tool.
Enciclopedia Estudiantil
Encyclopedia Americana: General reference resource that serves the needs of high schools students through adult.
Encyclopedia Americana
FactCite American History: Articles on people, places, and events in American History.
FactCite American History
FactCite Biographies for Beginners: Biographies of famous people from around the world.
FactCite Biographies for Beginners
FactCite Countries and Cultures: Comprehensive coverage of the countries of the world, illustrated. Supports research for country reports and activities such as Model UN and debate. Sections include curated weblinks for further study.
FactCite Countries and Cultures
Click to acces FactCite Defining Moments
FactCite Defining Moments
FactCite Essential Biographies: Biographies, including presidents of the United States, explorers, authors, inventors, African-American leaders, notable people from Colonial America and the Revolutionary War eras, and notable women
FactCite Essential Biographies
FactCite Essential Information: Covers most areas of the curriculum, including world and American literature, world and American history, government and government documents, physical sciences, biology, social science, and countries of the world.
FactCite Essential Information
FactCite Mythology: Greek and Roman gods, goddesses, heroes, places, and other aspects of Greek and Roman mythology.
FactCite Mythology
FactCite Science: Illustrated coverage of the Elements, Planets, Ecosystems, Animals, and Plants. For grades 4 to 9.
FactCite Science
Gale Databases: Gale resource portal.
Gale Databases
Gale PowerSearch: Search newspapers, business journals and health journals.
Gale PowerSearch
Gannett Newspapers: Access to a collection of regional Gannett Newspapers including the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.
Gannett Newspapers
Grolier Encyclopedia: Quick reference with media for middle school and higher.
Grolier Encyclopedia
GV Ebooks: A collection of Mackin Ebooks available from the GVEP Media Library.
GV Ebooks
Health Reference Center: This multi-source database provides access to the full text of nursing and allied health journals, plus the wide variety of personal health information sources.
Health Reference Center
Issues & Controversies: Hundreds of hot topics in politics, government, business, society, education, and popular culture.
Issues & Controversies
Kids InfoBits: A general reference resource for primary and elementary.
Kids InfoBits
Lands and People: Provides the most up-to-date information on countries, cultures and current events for students in grade 6 and above.
Lands and People
Living Green: Resource covering environmental issues and green living practices including environmental impacts and governmental regulations.
Living Green
New Book of Popular Science: Provides the latest in-depth science, health, and technology research and news for students in grade 6 and above.
New Book of Popular Science
Nueva Enciclopedia: Spanish language resources, featuring up-to-date information with a Latin-American perspective.
Nueva Enciclopedia
Opposing Viewpoints: Facts and arguments on current events topics and social issues.
Opposing Viewpoints
PebbleGo Animals: Research information that supports animal classification, behaviors and habitats.
PebbleGo Animals
PebbleGo Biographies: Research information on the lives of important inventors, explorers, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, women and more.
PebbleGo Biographies
PebbleGo Science: Research information that supports Earth Science, seasons, weather, and space.
PebbleGo Science
PebbleGo Social Studies: Research information about the world around you including families, maps and holidays.
PebbleGo Social Studies
PK Earth and Space: Inspires elementary and middle school learners about key earth and space science topics including earth cycles, ecosystems and biomes, energy and matter, landforms, maps, natural disasters, rocks and minerals, environmental issues, the scientific method, space, water, and weather and climate.
PK Earth and Space
PK Life Science: Inspires elementary and middle school learners about key life science topics including animals; classification; endangered and extinct species; food chains and food webs; green living; habitats and ecosystems; the human body; life cycles; plants; and survival and adaptation.
PK Life Science
PK Physical Science: Informs and inspires learners about key physical science topics including atoms and molecules; elements and the periodic table; energy and matter; force and motion; and temperature and measurement.
PK Physical Science
Points of View: Containing resources that present multiple sides of an issue, this database provides rich content that can help students realize and develop persuasive arguments and essays, better understand controversial issues, and develop analytical thinking skills.
Points of View
Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas: An irresistible yet authoritative online resource that covers popular culture in America, both past and present—in a package as dynamic as the topic it covers.
Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas
Research in Context: Created for middle-schoolers, Research in Context combines Gale reference content with age-appropriate videos, periodicals, primary sources, and more
Research in Context
Science Reference Center: Contains full text for hundreds of science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, and other sources.
Science Reference Center
SIRS Issues Researcher: Offera relevant, credible resources that tell the whole story on major issues and world conflicts of the day.
SIRS Issues Researcher
Soundzabound: Soundzabound royalty free music.
Spotlight on American Colonies: Explore what life was like as the American colonies started and grew, including where colonists lived, whom they traded with, and how they survived. Learn about important figures and industries in colonial history, as well as the many struggles colonists faced.
Spotlight on American Colonies
Spotlight on American History: Explore the extraordinary history of the United States and the people, places, and events that helped shape our young nation. Discover the causes and significance of key events in American history and the beginnings of our government.
Spotlight on American History
Spotlight on NY: A well-researched overview of the Empire State, including its geography, history, and industries.
Spotlight on NY
Student Resources: Full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted website
Student Resources
Teaching Books: Discover online multimedia resources. Bring books and authors to life.
Teaching Books
Teen CyberSmarts: Interactive eBooks for grades 7-12 will simulate a real-life Internet experience within the safety of an instructional, guided, and fun platform.
Teen CyberSmarts
The New Book of Knowledge: Grolier's New Book of Knowledge encyclopedia.
The New Book of Knowledge
Tumble Book Library: Ebook collection that includes animated talking picture books, chapter books, videos, non-fiction titles, playlists, books in languages other than English such as French and Spanish, graphic novels and math stories. Supporting materials includes lesson plans, quizzes, educational games and puzzles related to both math and language skills.
Tumble Book Library
United States Geography: This interactive database offers a combination of authoritative research sources and engaging current events features on all 50 U.S. states.
United States Geography
World Book Advanced: High school reference tool that includes encyclopedia, multimedia, e-book, and primary source databases, fully integrated in a single search.
World Book Advanced
World Book Discover: Reference articles, text-to-speech capabilities, learning and life skills activities, research tools, multimedia, and interactive video on curriculum-related topics and subjects.
World Book Discover
World Book Ebooks: A collection includes highly illustrated, engaging titles that support a span of curriculum areas and reading levels.
World Book Ebooks
World Book Kids: Online general general resource developed especially for young students.
World Book Kids
World Book Student: Elementary and middle school general reference resource.
World Book Student
World Geography: Understanding a Changing World: Develops global literacy, focusing on the geographic, political, social, economic, and cultural forces that influence our world.
World Geography: Understanding a Changing World
World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras: Ranging from the dawn of prehistory, through the great ancient empires, to the beginning of the Renaissance, this unique online resource explores history in every corner of the globe.
World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras
World History: The Modern Era: Covers a broad range of topics including the evolution of modern Europe; concurrent developments in Asia, Africa, and the Islamic world; the global impact of the Industrial Revolution; and the last 100 years of conflicts and international cooperation.
World History: The Modern Era
World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy: A comprehensive reference resource that makes research on faith and belief across humanity easier and enables a deeper understanding of the complex issues facing us in the 21st century.
World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy