Ancient Egypt

6th Grade Ancient Egypt Research Project (Afterlife, Gods & Goddesses, Hieroglyphics, Pharaohs, Pyramids)
Step 1: Go to York Middle/High Library on Destiny. Step 2: Find "Resource Lists" on the left-hand menu (under WebPath Express). Step 3: Select "Ancient Egypt Research Project"


World Book Advanced

*Starting point for background information

Ancient Civs Egypt

Examining major aspects of each ancient culture, such as its government, its economy, and its religious practices.


WebPath Express

*Research expert approved search engine provided by Follett (Library OPAC).

Sweet Search

*Research expert approved search engine.

Ancient Egypt - Ancient History Encyclopedia

*HL - Detailed timeline of Ancient Egypt

Pharaoh - Ancient History Encyclopedia

*HL - Detailed information about Ancient Egypt's Pharaohs.

Pyramid - Ancient History Encyclopedia

*HL - Detailed information about Egypt's ancient structures