12th British Literature - Tsang

This subject guide provides links to databases and eBook materials tha twill allow you to effectively survey the literature with regard to your selected author. You will find critical essays and articles based on the main themes in your author's works. *Be sure to search your author, as well as his/her specific works, and remember the power of quotation marks.

Still not sure about your author?

Section 1

Gale Ebooks

Virtual Reference Library
*Send to Google Drive - Source and Citation

Bloom's Literary Reference Online

Remember: *Copy and Paste Source and Citation to a Google Doc. (Not a Gale DB)

Section 2

Literature Resource Center

Remember: *TOPIC FINDER - visual (back to topic finder/reset)
*Topic and Work Overviews (on right) *Highlights and notes *Send to Google Drive

Section 3 - Current/Historical Trends linked to aspect of author's work

Opposing Viewpoints

*Topic Browse is an option.
*Keep an eye on Search Assist bar.
*Quotes for "strings of words"
*Advanced searches with subject and keyword

Additional Resources

What is plagiarism?

A concise review from Bloom's Literary Reference Online