9th Grade Historical and Cultural Significance in Literature - Tsang and Englert

This subject guide provides links to databases that will allow you to find reliable information on both your author and his/her specific work(s) you will be studying, a link to help you evaluate a website, and a link to resourcs to help MLA 8 style citation.
Remember that all the sources you find in eBooks and Databases will:
*already have citations created in MLA 8
*be Google Drive compatible
*Spelling and pseudonyms (pen names) can present roadblocks.


Gale Ebooks

Modeled: "Harper Lee" and "Glendon Swarthout"
Remember to use the search bar on the initial page to search all eBooks.


Bloom's Literary Reference Online

Modeled: "Edger Allan Poe" (incorrect spelling)/"Edgar Allan Poe" and "The Cask of Amontilldo"
Use: Reference at top and Right side bar

Literature Resource Center

Modeled: Richard Connell (remember: Edward and Literature Criticism)

Student Resources

*You may want to use this database for #3 - Historical or Cultural Topic (e.g. Civil Rights Movement, The Great Depression, etc.)

Print Resources
Additional resources in print can be found on the back side of the REFERENCE shelf.

Which is credible?
Have a look at the two websites below. Which is credible?

Gauging Website Credibilty Rubric

*A key component of this is the search of the publisher. What comes up when you dig into your Google search of the "reliabilty" of the author/publisher?

Citation Resources

MLA 8 Format Tools

This links you to another subject guide.

What is plagiarism?

Just a concise review from Bloom's