Stars and Planets

Print Resources

Resource List from Library Catalog

*Look for books by call number along the outer walls of the library.

Digital Resources

NASA for Students 9-12

Search by your planet in the search box.
Type in Stars in the search box and/or your particular star

NASA: Solar System Exploration

The top right of the homepage has good links.

Windows to the Universe

Under the Solar System tab, you'll find Planets.
*For stars, use the Space tab along with the bar below and/or the left hand bar to help you search.

National Geographic

*Use the magnifying glass to search.
*For stars, try searching for a specific star if you are studying one (i.e. Polaris or Sirius). You may find some interesting articles.

Heavens Above

Includes: Interactive Sky Chart and Constellation selection with specific location information

*Watch out for "Ads" in search results... Scroll down and be selective!

Great images from Hubble or artist depictions.

Star Date

*The page this is set to is under the stargazing tab on the site. It allows you to click on constellations to learn about them.

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