10th - World Literature - C. Kennell/Englert

Britannica High School

*Author and Time Period

Student Resources

*Author and Time Period

Gale Ebooks

Based on your topic, use the Literature, History and Religion collections.

Literature Resource Center

*Authors, Works, and often historical context are all provided.
Right Side Menu = Critical Essays, Biographies, Topic Overviews, Primary Sources and Multimedia (often links to websites)

Bloom's Literary Reference Online

*Does not cover as wide a range as LRC.
*Advanced search in one search box " " or " "

Rochester Regional School Library System

Interlibrary Loan - See Mrs. Freeman or Mrs. Mattison if you find something here so we can order it for you.

Major Time Periods in World History

To find out a name for or things to search in relation to your author's time period.

*Track all your sources (types) as you find them using your "Required Source List" - REMEMEBER that although source is from a Database, it can still be originally from a journal, book, encyclopedia, etc.

*Be willing to survey the literature before you start saving! You may start by searching your author's bios and works and finding connections to the time period or by searching the time period to learn about it before searching your author. You will certainly find a variety of resources from which to select.

*I encourage you to Send to your Google Drive or cut and paste into documents and keep an organized folder for this project. You can even have sub folders of source types so final selections will be more easily managed:
Folder 1 = Encyclopedia from Internet or Database
Folder 2 = Encyclopedia Britannica
Folder 3 = Non-Encyclopedia Source from Internet...

and = reduces findings
or = increases findings
* = truncation (hebrew* will bring up hebrews, hebrewism...)
Drop Down boxes can be adjusted in some advanced searches: Keyword (The word is anywhere in the text), By and About (Literature Resource Center)

*Remember that authors may have more than one name, a middle name or have written under a pseudonym.