The Photographer's Message

Online Encyclopedia and Databases

Britannica High School

Britannica gives full article information, images, and links to "best" websites.

Student Resources

Provides detailed reference materials, news articles, magazine articles,video, audio, etc. Dowloads easily to Google Drive.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Search using Magnifying Lens in right corner. Images will be retrieved - and are paired with descriptions.

Museum of Modern Art

Search using the search bar. Scroll down to see works!

Lens Culture

Search bar is in upper right. Provides information on Photographers, articles about them, as well as their projects and books (not all are available for every artist)

International Center of Photography

Use Magnifying Lens to search. ICP is good for viewing and selecting works with descriptions.

Masters of Photography

Provides articles, photographs, and resources sections for several of the artists.

Getty Museum

Provides general statistics, short bio, and works.

Eastman Museum

By linking to collections and searching in the advanced search box, one can access works.

International Photography Hall of Fame

Provides biographical Information on several of the photogrpahers
Select: Hall of Fame, Meet the Pioneers (Photographer links will be in ABC order)

Citation Resources

ZoteroBib - Citation Generator

*For Websites only - MLA 8*
REMEMBER: The databases have citations created already!

Sample Works Cited Page - MLA8 Owl at Purdue

*Works Cited is centered at the top.
*Alphabetical order is used.
*Double spacing is used throughout the page.
*--- means that the author is the same as in the previous citation.